Public Works

The Public Works Department is tasked with taking care of the City of Bluefield's infrastructure. The department's mission is "to serve the citizens of the City of Bluefield, and constantly improve what we do and how we do it." For further information or questions about services offered, please contact us by email or by calling 304.327.2401 ext. 2490.


Candy Sayers
Public Works Director
304.327.2401 ext. 2490

Assistant Public Works Director
304.327.2401 ext. 2492


Trash Collection
The City of Bluefield provides weekly trash pick-up for residents and businesses. Trash must be placed at the curb or alley no later than 7:00 a.m. the day of collection, should be in tied bags in a container, and should not weigh more than 60 lbs. Please call the Public Works Office at 304.327.2401 ext. 2490 for scheduled pick-up dates.  Please note that the city is not responsible for the condition and care of waste receptacles.

Special Trash Pickup
To place a special trash pickup request, please call the City Treasury at 304.327.2401 ext. 2411.  Items to note:

    • Special trash pickup is anything over the eight (8) bag limit

    • If a renter is placing special trash request the street department will provide an estimate for the pickup to be paid as a deposit. The remainder will be billed following the pickup.

    • If the property owner is delinquent on city fees or other items, the street department will provide an estimate for the pickup to be paid as a deposit.  The remainder will be billed following the pickup.

    • Electronic items, appliances, and tires will require an additional charge.

    • When placing a special trash pickup order for construction debris and materials, only certain items will be accepted.  For more information, please call the Treasury.

    Leaf Pickup
    The City of Bluefield Public Works Department provides free, annual residential leaf collection services. Collection crews will make every effort to service all residential streets. However, some conditions beyond the control of the department may prevent the servicing of every home. Please understand that bad weather can adversely affect the department's schedule. When placing leaves out for collection please remember the following:
    • Place bagged leaves on the edge your property line.

    • Place leaves, raked or bagged, on the edge of the property line. Raked leaves should be in piles no more than two feet tall. Do not rake leaves into the street.

    • Keep leaves away from ditches, pipes and culverts.

    • Leaves only. Please do not include rocks, dirt, or large branches.

    Snow Removal
    If snow removal becomes necessary, city crews will work around the clock to improve travel conditions on major transportation routes to a point that emergency services will continue. The Department of Public Works will clear city streets, as quickly as possible during and immediately after snowfall, in the following order:
    1. Bridges

    2. Major roadways

    3. Major arterial streets

    4. Secondary roads

    Secondary roads will take longer periods of time, especially in storms with large amounts of accumulating snow, high winds, or extremely cold temperatures. Parked cars can be both a hazard and a hindrance to snow removal efforts. To allow the crews to do the best job possible, owners should move their cars off the street before the snowplows arrive when at all possible. Private property owners should not clear snow from their driveways or parking lots into the City Streets. The additional snow hampers the City's ability to clear roadways and could become a public safety hazard.

What should I do during a major snowstorm?

    • Limit travel so as not to interfere with removal crews.

    • Keep parked cars off main streets to speed up removal.

    • Clear the snow on sidewalks adjacent to your property within three hours of snow stopping. You can be held liable for any injuries sustained on your property.