Code Enforcement / Inspections

The Inspection Department is a multifaceted department charged with assuring compliance to State Building Codes as well as the City's Code of Ordinances. It is comprised of a building inspector and code enforcement / animal control officers. Both are fully certified and licensed by the West Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office. Both receive ongoing training to retain state lincesure. The building inspector is responsible for performing compliance inspections on buildings under construction or renovation. The inspector also oversee the city's demolition program to rid neighborhoods of dilapidated, dangerous structures. The code enforcement officers investigate complaints about improperly maintained properties, abandoned vehicles and other nuisances. Animal control issues are also addressed through this office. This department also issues building permits.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to protect property values and sustain the quality of life of our citizens.


The purpose of the Inspection and Code Enforcement Division is to promote, protect and improve the safety, health and welfare of our citizens. We accomplish this by providing effective enforcement of city codes.

Our Main Goal
Compliance is our main goal. This is usually accomplished with a notice to correct mailed to the violator. If compliance is not obtained, a citation may be issued, which ultimately could be heard before the City Court Judge for an official ruling.

Code Enforcement Areas

  • High Grass
  • Trash and debris around a structure
  • Foreclosures
  • Structures left in a state of disrepair
  • Unpermitted signs
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Environmental concers
  • RV's, boats and trailers parked in front/side yards
  • Work being done without permits
  • Unlicensed contracting

Report a Concern or Complaint

If you have a concern or complaint in the City of Bluefield, please contact us. Please be advised, our main goal is compliance, and some cases may take longer than 24 - 48 hours to solve.

City Code of Ordinances          State Building Codes