For Our Senior Citizens

The City of Bluefield is a wonderful place to retire to. Bankrate.com listed West Virginia as the #7 best state to retire to in the nation. This is due to lower-than-average cost of living, lower-than-average crime rates, outdoor activities, and beautiful vistas, healthcare access, and a wonderful climate. Bluefield is also nearby Interstate-77, putting much of the East Coast within a day's drive. Read more about the article here.

Some of the services offered to senior citizens in the community are:

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

This program is sponsored by Experience Works to provided seniors benefit from training, counseling, and community service assignments at faith-based and community organizations in their communities, prior to transitioning into the workforce. For more information, please visit the website or call Amanda Williams-Jha at 304.253.2799.

Nutrition Meals Program by CASE WV

The Title III Nutrition Meals Program is for persons age 60 or older. This also includes the younger spouse of a participant, handicapped/disabled individuals who live in housing facilities where congregate meals are provided, volunteers, or a disable person living at home with a participant. The program provides not only meals, but is also a method for interpersonal socialization. CASE WV is the only Senior Meal provider in Mercer County and has operated this program since 1973. For additional information, please call 304.425.7111.

Senior Centers

Bluefield Salvation Army - 900 Highland Avenue
Open twice weekly, for more information please call 304.425.7111.

Commission on Aging

The Commission on Aging provides transportation and fair programs throughout Mercer County. A program offered for senior citizen care is "Lighthouse," which provides support in the following areas:

Personal Care: grooming, bathing, dressing
Mobility: transferring in/out of bed and walking
Nutrition: meal preparation, eating, and grocery/pharmacy shopping
Environment: light housekeeping, laundry

For additional information, please call 304.425.7111 or visit their website.