American Legion Riley-Vest Post No. 9 Distinguished Citizenship Award

History of the Award

Annually since 1937, Riley-Vest Post No. 9 has presented its Distinguished Citizenship Award to a Bluefield resident who has rendered "service to the community beyond the call of duty over a long period of time."  While normally only one award is made, on several occasions more than one has been issued, sometimes to a man and a woman, and at othertimes two men.  In the last 74 years, 80 Distinguished Citizenship citations have been presented for community service covering a board field.  Recipients have included some of Bluefield's best known doctors, educators, bankers, preachers, youth workers, business leaders, and lawyers.  Unlike some civic citations for achievement in a single year, the Legion's award is for sustained community work over the years.  Selection is by a secret committee of Legionnaires with the public invited to submit nominations for the annual honor.

Award Recipients

1937Hugh Ike Shott*1972V.L. (Stubby) Currence*
1938Bert C. Phillips*1974Ned Shott*
1939Joseph N. Bowen*1976Paul N. Chryssikos*
1940Ray Evans*1977Mrs. Kitty Wooldridge*
1941James T. Thornton*1978Marcella Whitlock*
1941Rev. Jennings Hobson*1982Albert S. Kemper, Jr.*
1942Frank Archer*1982Roland C. Luther*
1942Miss Min Weaver*1982Dr. James R. Shanklin*
1943Herbert Markle*1983Mrs. Katharine B. Tierney*
1944Henry Fortune*1984Al Modena
1944Mrs. F.L. Black*1985Abner Davis*
1945Miss Elizabeth Shelton*1986Mirto A. Corte*
1945Tony Lotito*1987Fred P. Burton*
1946Dr. J. Francke Fox*1987Mrs. Eugenia Hancock
1947Dr. Edwin C. Wade*1988Dr. Allen A. Hammond*
1947Mrs. William McClaugherty*1989James W. Hill
1948James Elmer Brown*1990Mrs. Eulalia Magann*
1949Frank S. Easley*1991Cecil C. Bond*
1950Miss Virginia Stowers*1992John C. Shott
1951Harry A. Goodykoontz*1992Scott H. Shott
1951Rev. Paul L. Royer*1993Frank Ferrante*
1952Clyde J. Stephens*1994Max L. Kammer*
1953Clyde L. Cheyney*1995T.A. "Buddy" Warden, Jr.
1954Ernest G. Otey*1996Charles Peters
1955James H. Shott*1997Dr. T. Keith Edwards
1956Miss Lec Fretwell*1998Ms. Virginia Burgoyne*
1957James P. Gills*1999Charles Roy Smith*
1958Scott Litton*2000W. Paul Cole, Jr.
1958Miss Ruth Bartlett*2001William "Bill" Craft*
1959Dr. Wade H. St. Clair*2002R.W. "Buz" Wilkinson
1960George Richardson, Jr.*2003Tom Colley*
1961Lon M. Rish*2004K.A. Ammar, Jr.
1962A. Harry Vest*2004Richard R. Ammar
1963Laurence E. Tierney, Jr.*2005June O. Shott*
1963Henry F. Warden*2006Patsy Malamisura*
1964H. Edward Steele*2007Melvin L. Grubb
1965J.T. (Bundy) Harvey*2008Ms. Frances Wayland
1966Dr. Robert Gatherum*2009A.A. "Lon" Hopkins, Jr.
1967Rev. C.H. Patterson*2010Norris and Dorris Sue Kantor
1968Herman E. Kirchner*2011Mrs. Gail Satterfield
1969Paul E. Oliver*2012George McGonagle
1970Dr. J.E. Blaydes*2013Craig Hammond
1970Russell J. Cousins*2014Dreama Denver
1971Judge F. Morton Wagner*2015Bill Archer

* Notes recipient is deceased