Tony Wagner
City Engineer
304.327.2401 ext. 2408

If you are considering any changes to your property or to check on zoning requirements for your area, please contact the city engineer.


Sidewalk Improvement Program


This pilot program was created to encourage residents to replace old, damaged, and unsafe sidewalks that plague Bluefield’s neighborhoods and decrease the overall value of homes.  Residents can utilize the city in a "one-stop shopping" experience to have sidewalks on their property repaired.  The entire project can be paid through a 36-month, 0%-interest incentive loan.  This loan may be paid off at anytime or paid monthly (attached to monthly billing for city fees).  Residents must be in good standing with the city to participate.


1. Resident contacts city engineer requesting sidewalks to be repaired
2. City engineer meets with property owner at site to assess the sidewalk and curbing, measure, and will provide an estimate of repair cost to the property owner
3. Should the property owner agree to the estimate cost the resident will sign a contract that will be filed with the city clerk
4. City engineer will coordinate with contractor(s), monitor, inspect completed work, file liens against property at the county courthouse, and close out project with property owner
5. City treasurer pays contractor(s) invoice and initiates monthly billing process with property owner if not paid in full at beginning of repairs

For more information, please call the city engineer.